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Flints (10 Pack)
Coghlan's Flints
dynamo flashlight
Dynamo Flashlight
Dynamo Flashlight
Bowl of Dynamo Flashlights
LED Micro Lantern
LED Micro Lantern
Lighsticks - Assorted
Lightsticks - Assorted
Coghlan's Blue Lightsticks (2 pack)
Lightsticks - Blue
Lightsticks - Family Pack
Lightsticks - Family Pack
Lightsticks - Green
Lightsticks - Green
Coghlan's Orange Lightsticks (2 Pack)
Lightsticks - Orange
Coghlan's Red Lightsticks (2 Pack)
Lightsticks - Red
Coghlan's Yellow Lightsticks (2-Pack)
Lightsticks - Yellow
Mantles - Clip-On
Mantles - Clip-On - 2PK
Clip On Tube Mantles
Mantles - Clip-On - 2PK
Mantles - Double-Tie
Mantles - Double Tie - 2PK
Mantles - Single Tie
Mantles - Single Tie - 4PK
Mantles - Single Tie
Mantles - Single Tie - 2PK
Tent Light
Tent Light


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Coghlan's For Kids

Coghlan's has a wonderful variety of products for learning about insects, orienteering or simply flying a kite.

Coghlan's Helping Hands

Coghlan’s Ltd. has enjoyed a long and valued relationship with five community organizations who provide support services for people with a wide range of intellectual disabilities.

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